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One of Cape Verde against Poverty projects is the establishment of a Hospitality and Catering Centre to act as the influential driver to provide education, training and employment solutions and become a model of good practice.

The island of Sal will have its own Development Centre, which will together provide complementary education and training. It is anticipated that this centre will become the first point of contact for all tourism, hospitality and catering employers.  In order to help promote this project and achieve the target the full project costs of £500,000 need to be raised.  . The centre will also provide an employer base, link employers to skills, employment solutions, a platform for new curriculum developments, deliver training and qualifications and place an emphasis on the development of soft skills for the industry.

The first phase of the project is to fast track and support a number of initiatives aimed at improving employer relations and employee participation in education and training related to the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

Sal, Cape Verde is well positioned to engage the tourism industry with its quality of service and training provision, and the Pots and Panz project aims to give people the tools and resources needed to ensure success.

Our innovative and creative approach to working with the industry is already showing results and making considerable progress towards the objectives set.

The long-term aim is to place 'employability' as the key economic contribution of education and training. This will be achieved through reaching an in depth understanding of employability skills, continued collaboration with industry leaders and the development of training skills, which meet the needs of the industry and trainees.

Cape Verde against Poverty understands the importance of recognising the skills of our tourism workforce and the provision of a mechanism to help improve levels of service and professionalism. This is providing a real service to the people who live and work in Cape Verde, a significant number of whom will make their living from the Tourism Industry